My day begins:

My eyes were wide open at exactly 6:45am in anticipation of the "BIG DAY". As I jumped out of bed, while brushing teeth, I thought to myself "WOW, after months & months of wedding planning/execution, countless sleepless nights dwelling on vendor selection, table linen colors, invitation verbiage, seating arrangements, today is the day that I will witness everything that I've put on paper becoming reality. Today, I will marry the man I love. Today, I will become Mrs. Barney Lee!"

To my surprise, I was quite calm prior to the ceremony. I had a great nights rest, the weather was beautiful, the girls looked absolutely adorable-like Asian Barbie Dolls- in their fusia haltered dress & polka-dot heels. Everything had been going as planned…

Our "First Meeting" was at the Fantasy Cottage-B looked so handsome in his tux. No other person that I know wears pink as well as he does =) After a zillion photos taken, we hear: "ok, time to get the show on the road!" While the guests were being chaperoned to the chapel, the entire wedding party gathered @ the barn. THEN, I felt a rush of nervousness and thought: "oh nos! I am seriously going to choke on my vows". As I repeated my vows over & over in my head, I saw, from the corner of my eyes, Barney pacing back and forth. I've never seen him soooooooo nervous. There was only ONE way to calm our nerves- Mr. Belevedere!

The Ceremony:
While walking down what felt like hundreds of steps to the chapel, my main goal was to arrive safely to my groom without tripping and falling flat on my face.

Our ceremony was short and entertaining (big thanks to Reverend Morrissey). I had read my vows verbatim –phew- guess practicing in the shower, at the gym, in my sleep paid off. B…on the other hand, was SUPER nervous and was tripping balls as he drew a blank when it was his turn-but he quickly recovered =)

As Reverend Scott announced: "I now pronounce you, Mr. & Mrs. Barney Lee", there was one thought in our heads- "aight, time to get crunk!"

The Reception:
To be quite honest, everything was a blur for me after the ceremony. I guess that's what open-bar does to you. From what I can gather from post wedding pictures, we had a good'ol time! Lots of boozin, dancing aaaand making out =)

Thank you all for coming out to celebrate our special day with us! It was definitely a fairytale wedding-more than what we could have ever hoped for!

Wedding Day Highlights:

Seeing my handsome hubby-to-be @ our first meeting
Dad tripping over my dress almost falling flat on his face
Grover busting out The RING
Watching our love story for the first time
Dancing to K2 jams
Taco-bell run at 1am

My day begins:
10am my alarm rings. That very instant I popped my head up and thought "Oh sh*t! Today is the day!" I go about my normal morning process of turning on my computer, checking emails, checking facebook and text messages. Some of my loving and caring friends leave messages like: "Don't flake b*tch!", "Last day of freedom SUCKER!", "Tick Tock", "Welcome to the Loser's club my friend", and my favorite "It's not too late. Run!!!!" Although funny, none it of it mattered. I knew what I wanted and that was to marry the woman I love.


Johnny and Sandy came and picked me up and drove me to Nestledown. It felt like a 5 hour drive. I can't even explain how much I was trippin balls. I was not calm at all. I didn't sleep much because I was so worried about forgetting my vows at the last second. It was insane. We got there way before the girls did. This was probably a bad thing. I had time to pace around and get even more nervous.

Ken finally arrived and I instantly calmed down because I knew with the arrival of Ken, came the LIQUOR. I ordered Grover to get me some vodka. He did and I took a few large gulps. A few minutes pass and ok, I'm good. Sunny and the girls arrive about an hour late. I hear someone yell, "OK!! The girls are here!!" I got ushered to the mini cottage were I was going to see Sunny for the first time. She was awe-inspiring.

The Ceremony:
I remember me and the guys walking down the aisle and having some of my guests heckle me (thanks douche bags). I don't really remember the girls walking down the aisle because I was concentrating on trying to remember my vows. Splashes of memories include: Scott's reading and my sisters reading. The biggest thing that stuck out was Sunny's vows. OMFG… I had to hold back my tears and remain composed. And OMFG… They were so freaking long! When she was done and Scott told me to go, I completely blanked out. It was game-the-f*ck-over. Most of you probably remember me saying "DAMN. THAT WAS LONG". Seconds felt like years. People were staring and watching my every move. OMFG… Finally I calmed myself and somewhat remembered what was going to say and said it. As Scott announced "I now pronounce you, Mr. & Mrs. Barney Lee", I felt this huge weight lifted off my chest and I got this huge rush. Time to party!

The Reception:
Ok. I don't remember much here. I was totally smashed. I do remember parts of the speeches… The food was NOM even though I scarfed it... I remember parts of the slide show and love story –great job honey... I remember breaking the cake when we tried to cut it. It was a totally awesome experience and I thank all the people that came and shared it with us. Now for the rest of our lives...

Wedding Day Highlights:

Seeing Sunny for the first time... can't find the words
Jessica almost lighting the unity candle. Good job tar tar
Sunny's vows making me look stoops
Making everyone stop clinking their glasses the awesome way - grossing them out with some tongue action
Breaking the cake and sunny eating it off my jacket sleeve
Sunny talking like strange Japanese girl before her Taco-bell run